Cloud setup

We've tested on Paperspace's ML-in-a-Box Linux public template with a P6000 which already has Tensorflow installed and just requires
To set it up choose your region, then go to Public Templates, and choose the ML-in-a-Box template


Then download the 64-bit Linux installer from Miniconda or click here
Now run the Miniconda installer
Next, create a conda env for deepdrive
bash # to get conda in your shell
conda create -n dd python=3.7
conda activate dd


Now clone our repo
git clone


And finally run the install
cd deepdrive
You can validate everything is working by running
If you run into issues, try starting the sim directly as Unreal may need to install some prerequisetes (i.e. DirectX needs to be installed on the Paperspace Parsec Windows box). The default location of the Unreal sim binary is in your user directory under Deepdrive/deepdrive-sim*/DeepDrive/Binaries/Linux/DeepDrive, i.e.
You can continue testing things out by running the rest of our examples here
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